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Course Sharing

How to share courses with other institutions:

Due to an agreement between the state universitites, students in a PSM program have the ability to take courses from other state institutions in order to meet their curriculum requirement. Please contact your program director if you are interested and follow the instructions below.

PSM Student Transient Form


Parent University = University where student is enrolled in for the majority of classes
Receiving University = University that student is applying to take the class specified on transient form

To enroll in course:
  1. Student completes form including advisor's signature, program directors signature and the International Office's signature (if applicable) from the student's Parent University
  2. Once the student obtains all appropriate signatures, the student will send the form electronically (PDF version) to the program director at the Receiving University for notification
  3. The student will also need to send the (PDF version) of the form electronically to the Registrar's Office at the Receiving University
  4. The student should also make a copy of completed form and take this to their financial aid office at Parent University if student is receiving financial aid.
  5. The Registrar's Office will then send to graduate dean of receiving school for approval
  6. The Registrar's Office of Receiving University will then send instructions to the student on how to register for the course.

After completion of course:

1. Student requests transcripts from Receiving University to be sent to the Registrar's Office and the Office of Financial Aid at Parent University


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